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Interchain Info

Campaign #4

The Cosmos is made special by its amazing tech, decentralized nature, and wide array of fully sovereign chains. However, these things also lead to a fracturing of information, tools, and communities. We at Spark IBC like to call this, “The Fragmentation Problem” and we feel it's currently one of the single largest barriers to mass adoption in the Cosmos. The average user has no clue how to start navigating the rapidly growing Interchain, and those that do make it through the front gates often find themselves at a loss for how to best explore further.

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Specific campaign parameters

Tiered: Yes

Funding: 50,000, 100,000+

Other: None

We're building Interchain Info (ICI) with one purpose in mind, to aggregate the vast amount of content, tools, and dApps that are scattered throughout the Cosmos into one, easy to use website. With community support, we believe we can optimize new user onboarding and provide a tremendous amount of value to existing users of the Cosmos and beyond.

Interchain Info is a website with three primary offerings:

  1. The Index
    1. A comprehensive encyclopedia of the Interchain with pages covering every major project, chain, validator and more.
    2. This section's first iteration is already built out, with a vast amount of content already ingested & categorized. We plan to continue adding features and improving the UX over time and work closely with projects and active community mepbers to continue adding content as we grow.
    1. We strongly believe that UI & UX flows are as important to our end goal as the actual content they support, and so we believe the UI/UX will adapt and change overtime. We will continue to iterate on these aspects with the help of our users based on feedback and usage patterns.
  2. Resource Hub
    1. This section provides long term hosting, organization, promotion, and SEO optimization for community content such as articles, twitter threads, audio recordings, videos and more.
    2. The first version of the Hub is currently being finalized alongside the Index. Again, we plan to improve upon this over time as well as work with projects & their community to keep it updated & brimming with the best content available.

Both the Index & the Resource Hub are currently being tested in a closed Beta and should be available to the public through an open Beta by the end of Decepber.

While some funds from the campaign will pay for the ongoing development and maintenance costs, the majority of the funding from this campaign will go towards building out the third, and arguably most fun, part of our site: The Dashboard.

  1. The Dashboard
    1. The Dashboard aims to become a customizable home page and command center of sorts for every Cosmos user. When visiting the dashboard for the first time, a user will be able to pick which “modules” they want displayed for ease of access (i.e. REstake, Hubble Tools, Yieldmos, Rango, etc.).
    2. We believe this will greatly improve the user experience for commonly used applications and finally address the aforementioned fragmentation issue in regards to finding smaller tools and dApps.
    3. The tool we intend to build for 2023 (work in progress name, “pyTx”) allows users with no coding knowledge to build custom transaction flows that execute instantaneously. For example, let's say you find an NFT you want to buy using the HubbleTools module, and while you don't have any stars, you do have some pending $ATOM staking rewards. Without leaving the page, this tool would let you quickly assepble and execute the following with a few clicks:
    4. Claim ATOM staking rewards ➤ IBC ATOM to Osmosis ➤ Swap ATOM for STARS on Osmosis ➤ IBC STARS from Osmosis to Stargaze

      With the advent of Interchain Accounts, this can be reduced to a single click for execution.

      1. Users who have earned Spark Points from their contributions on the Spark platform will be able to save these TX copbos as templates for future use. The more Spark Points you have, the more template slots will be available to you.
      2. We also have plans to work with CronCat to enable users to convert these copbos into recipes and in turn, automate them.
    5. Our team, who has already built out much of the rest of the site, is far more specialized on the Web2 front, so we will need to hire talent to help us build out the Dashboard. This is where the majority of raised funds will be allocated.

This campaign has no funding cap, as we intend to be building for the foreseeable future. We will have continuous costs such as server hosting, developer contracting, and of course, our own time and effort.

We do however have a target of at least 50,000 $USDC by February 28th, though we hope to raise in the six figure range if we can get adequate coverage from grant programs and community pools. This would begin to cover our costs thus far as well as provide initial funding for the Dashboard MVP. It should also cover maintenance and hosting for the near future. Usage of all funds will be tracked and may be made available upon request.

In addition, we will work with grant programs and other funding sources to ensure that even if these contributions are unable to be made in axlUSDC on Juno Network, that they will still earn Spark points and a spot on the Spark IBC leaderboard. If you are a large donor or grant writer, we are happy to provide a more comprehensive breakdown of how funds will be allocated upon request. Please reach out to us at

In the next couple of weeks, Spark IBC will release two versions of our near term roadmap with details on how we plan to allocate funds and prioritize development. As Spark IBC's first tiered campaign, we want to be transparent with expectations related to the amount raised. One roadmap will pertain to raises around the 50k USDC range, with the other being applicable for 100k and up.