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Open Cosmos Developer & Validation Workshops

Campaign #1

0 out of 0 USDC raised

Spark IBC is proud to announce our first campaign, and that it will have a funding goal of 0 USDC! The Cosmos is a paradise for passionate developers and community members, but it's still new enough that there isn't a plethora of resources available for onboarding new people into the ecosystem. We are ecstatic to announce that our first campaign will be tackling this issue directly, and thanks to the amazing generosity from our instructors in volunteering their time, this campaign will be 100% free!

Specific campaign parameters:


Tiered: No

Funding: 0

Other: None

Details: The following events will all take place on the Spark IBC Discord, and will be comprised of at least 1 hour of content from the instructor, and during this time all guests will have access to a chat room but their mics will be muted. During this time, Spark IBC admins will monitor chat as well as relay good questions to the instructors real time on participants behalf. Once through the material, mics will be allowed to be unmuted, and participants will be free to engage with and ask questions of the instructors for the rest of the time.

Additionally, these sessions will be recorded and compiled along with any materials the instructors put together into a resource package that Spark IBC will host indefinitely for anyone to access at any time.

Validator Workshop

@Larry0x Saturday, June 25 @ 6pm UTC

Intro to Rust & Cosmwasm

@ekez___ Saturday, July 2 @ 6pm UTC

CosmWasm 0 to Hero

@Callum_and1 Saturday, July 9 @ 6pm UTC

Hands on with CosmWasm (intermediate)

@ekez___ Saturday, July 16 @ 6pm UTC

You Decide!

@NoahSaso Saturday, July 23 @ 6pm UTC

How does this benefit the greater IBC-ecosystem?

CosmWasm (and by extension Rust) is used by all chains built on the Cosmos SDK, and is one of the core components that makes the ecosystem and its technology special. Getting more familiar with CosmWasm benefits Terra, Juno, Secret, Osmosis, Akash, etc. Similarly, Proof-of-Stake and validators are an integral part of most IBC-connected chains, and all Tendermint BFT/Cosmos SDK based chains. In addition, the validator set is directly related to the decentralisation and therefore security of every chain and the ecosystem as a whole, so getting more people into validating and diversifying the set is a huge win for everyone.